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The Finest Fishing Experience

We go where the fish is! Our guides are very experienced, and our main goal is to give you the ultimate ocean fishing memory. WE HAVE VARIOUS PRAWN AND CRAB TRAPS AROUND THE INLETS. HELP US PULL THE TRAPS AND WE WILL SEND YOU HOME WITH A FRESH BATCH OF SEAFOOD!

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Image by stephen momot
Image by Mathieu Le Roux

A Unique Adventure

Strawberry Island Fishing Tours, Inshore and offshore fishing in Tofino BC, Wildlife Tours, Hot Springs Cove Tours, Prawning, Crabbing, Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, Cod and more! ocean fishing in Tofino, BC.


Cabin Rentals

Floating Cabin Rentals located On Strawberry island Tofino, BC. Offers a getaway on a private island like no others, Fishing Tours, Hotsprings, Wildlife. Full Kitchens, All Linens Provided, Firewood. Internet.

Pearl is the host of Strawberry Island Resort, Guests are to call Pearl one hour before pick up and guests are brought via water taxi to the island.

Reel Fishing

Inshore Fishing: Salmon! Chinook (also called King) salmon can be caught year round in the Tofino area  — they're great fighters and taste delicious! Coho (also called Silver) salmon usually show up late June, beginning of July. Super fun to reel in as they love to show off their stunts, and they have been called the best tasting salmon. 


Offshore Fishing: Halibut — They're huge! You will feel amazing after reeling one of these big boys in. Also, absolutely delicious! You can cook this fish any way and it'll taste good. Ling Cod — These can get up there in size as well! Fish 'n Chips mmmm.  Rock Fish — a bit of a smaller fish but very fun to catch. Great Omega-3s and a very yummy filet. 


Screaming Eagle

Mix and match! Maybe a half day of fishing and a half day of Hot Springs?
Or a full day of fishing ... or a full day of touring the islands with your favourite snacks and drinks :) Anything is possible — let us know how you'd like to fill your day(s) and we will make it happen!



Cabin Rentals

Halibut House


Yellow House

Strawberry Island

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